Strike indicator, with a twist

One of the most anoying thing when using a strike indicator is when the fish attacks the indicator but not the fly on the end of the leader.

I decided to do something about it.


Hook: 14 – 20 dryfly hook
Thread: Black 8/0 thread
Body: Foam, red, yellow, orange or what ever color you like your strike indicator to be
Loops: Strong fishing line

How I tie the fly

I start by securing the thread and run it all the way from the eye to the bend in the hook.  Next tie in the fishing line so that it points away from the hook eye.  Make a loop and tie it down again so that it creates a fairly big loop at the hook bend.  Next bring the thread up towards the hook eye and tie the fishing line down along the way.  Create another loop at the hook eye and finish fastening the fishing line.  Trim of the excess.

Bring the thread backwards about 2/3 of the hook length.  Tie in a piece of foam about 5 mm in width with the end of the foam almost covering the loop at the hook bend.  Move the thread up to about 1/3 of the hook length and tie the foam down at that spot.  Then trim the foam to cover the front loop and whip finish.

You can use some superglue on the underbody to make the fly stronger and more durable.

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