Mickey Finn

The Mickey Finn was first tied in the 19th century by a Canadian.

The fly is really simple and takes just 2-3 minutes to tie.

I tie this one on a 2 -12 streamer hook.


Hook: 2-12 streamer
Thread: Black
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel and oval silver tinsel
Wing: Yellow and Red bucktail

How I tie the fly

Start with the thread close to the eye of the hook and bring it back to the bend in closed turns.  If you want a fuller body go back and forth a couple of times.
Tie in the oval tinsel and the flat tinsel.  Bring the thread towards the eye of the hook and stop when there are ca. 3 millimeters left.

In closed turns bring the flat tinsel towards the eye of the hook and tie it down.  Then in open turns bring the oval tinsel forward and tie it down in the same spot.

Next get the yellow bucktail and tie in about 1/4 of the total wing, then tie in the same amount (1/4) of red bucktail.  Finally tie in the rest of the wing in yellow bucktail and build up the head.
Use 2 coats of head cement to  make the fly stronger.

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