Krokurinn (The Hook)

Krokurinn (The Hook), a fly created in Iceland and is one of the best flies in my opinion

Excellent trout fly created by the Icelander Gylfi Kristjansson.


Hook: Grubber 8-16
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: 3-5 Pheasant tail fibers
Tail collar: Red Crystal antron dubbing
Body: Medium black vinyl rib
Head: Copper bead

How I tie the fly

Start by putting the bead on the hook.  In closed add two layers of thread and tie in the Pheasant tail fibers.  Next add the antron dubbing and finally the vinyl.  In closed turns move the thread to the bead and then tie the vinyl in closed turns all the way to the bead and finish the fly by tying down the vinyl.  Add a little head cement to the thread closest to the bead to make it stronger.

I also tie it with brown vinyl instead of black and it works as well.

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