Great videos and articles

Here are some videos and articles I used to learn the basics in fly tying.

David Cammiss’s videos show extremely well how to start fly tying. I used this site a lot when I was starting out.  Here are the Beginner lessons.
He also has some intermediate lessons
I really like the Green beast and The Wolley Bugger.
The links show the last page for each section so you need to press the Previous articles link to get more videos.

Fly Angler’s OnLine is another great site to learn fly tying

If you speak Icelandic you would really love It covers fly fishing in Icelandic lakes and rivers.  This site also has some articles that cover the behavior of the trout in stream and lakes.  The Flugur section of the site covers flies that work in Icelandic waters and often where they have worked and at what time.  Some of them also have links to YouTube videos for how to tie that particular fly.  If you don’t know Icelandic, I can translate the articles if you like, just send me a message.

I have a playlist on YouTube that contains the Fly tying videos that I have found on YouTube.  I’ll add some more when I find something interesting.

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