Blue Dyrbitur
Blue Dyrbitur
Red Dyrbitur
Red Dyrbitur
Orange Dyrbitur
Orange Dyrbitur
Black Dyrbitur


Dyrbitur (Dýrbítur) is an Icelandic fly and the name means an animal that bites other animals.


A trout can’t resist this fly. The rubber on it vibrates when you strip the line and the trout stops thinking and attacks.

I tie this fly on a 6-10 streamer.


Hook: 4-12 streamer
Thread: same color as the tail
Bead: silver or brass
Tail: Marabou with a little holographic tinsel
Back body: Silver Tinsel Chenille
Front body: Embroidery thread, same color as the thread
Collar: 6 rubber strands and cock or hen hackle

How I tie the fly

First thing is to thread the bead on to the hook. Fasten the thread and in closed turns move the thread all the way back and stop when you are in line with the barb.

Tie in the tail, use a generous amount and add the holographic tinsel.

Next add the silver tinsel Chenille and wrap it in closed turns about half way to the head.fasten it and trim. Next add the embroidery thread and in closed turns move all the way back to the bead, leaving about 1 millimeter gap. Fasten the embroidery thread and trim.

Then you need to add the rubber strands. I tie in 3 on one side and then 3 on the other side in the gap between the bead and embroidery thread. When I fasten them they tend to spread to the top and bottom also but that is fine.

Last but not least tie in the hackle, make 3-5 turns and fasten the hackle. Trim of any excess and finish the fly with a whip finish and some head cement.

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