Crossfield, pretty simple but very effective streamer

My latest experiment is called Crossfield.  This fly is tied on a single hook with a tail, wing and a beard.


Hook: #6
Thread: 6/0 black
Tag: Round silvertinsel (I skipped this one)
Tail: Golden phesant hackle
Body: Embossed flat tinsel
Ribbing: Round fine silver
Hackle: Light blue
Wing: Mallard
Head: Black

I usually use stiff turkey fibers instead of Golden phesant hackle and the light blue hackle.

How I tie the fly

First start by tying in the tail, ribbing and the embossed flat tinsel.
In closed turns move the flat tinsel almost to the head, leave about 2-3 millimeters. Next move the ribbing in open turns towards the head and stop at the same spot.
Next step is to tie in the hackle, turn the fly upside down and tie in the fibers.  The fibers should almost reach the tip of the hook.
Last but not least, pick some Mallard fibers and create a wing.  Finish bu building up a sizable head, fasten with a half hitch and head cement.

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