Buzzer, imitates the gnat at the pupa stage

Black buzzer, imitates the gnat at the pupa stage

The buzzer imitates the pupa stage of the gnat.

The Buzzer is a really simple fly to tie and a really good fly to practise flytying on. Usually it is black with cheeks but my version has no cheeks only red/orange/black thread, thin wire and lots of head cement.


Hook: 8-20 Grubber/Wetfly
Thread: 6/0 Whatever color you like, I use Red/Black/Orange
Ribs: Thin wire
Cheeks: Tinsel or Biots (you can skip this)

How I tie the fly

When you tie this fly start by creating a single layer of thread from the head to the back of the fly in closed turns.  Then add the wire and create another layer of thread towards the head in closed turns, leave about one fifth out for the head.  Don’t create the head yet. Wrap the wire in open turns and stop when you have reached the head area of the fly.  Then form the head of the fly and finish off by coating the fly with head cement.  I usually use 2 layers of head cement.

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