Brassie, a little wire and a pheasant tail fibre

This one I tried last night. It is really simple.


Hook: 12-16 wetfly or grubber
Thread: Black
Body: Thin or medium copper wire
Collar: Peacock herl or any type of dubbing

How I tie the fly

First you tie your thread at the eye of the hook, stop at ca. 1/4 of the hook length and then add the copper wire on the side of the fly.
Tie the copper down in closed turns all the way until you are in line with the barb. Then move the thread forward in closed turns, stop when about 10-15% of the hook is left.
Now in closed turns tie the copper wire all the way up to the 15% mark, tie it down and get rid of the extra wire.
Next add the peacock herl or dubbing at the 15% mark and make a few turns. Make sure to cover the end of the wire. Finally at the eye of the hook, tie down the herl/dubbing and finish the fly.

I’ve seen this one with black dubbing but I reccomend trying various versions of collar. The trout really likes sharp changes in color.

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