A trout can’t resist this fly

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Great videos and articles

Here are some videos and articles I used to learn the basics in fly tying. David Cammiss’s videos show extremely well how to start fly tying. I used this site a lot when I was starting out.  Here are the Beginner lessons. He also has some intermediate lessons I really like the Green beast and The Wolley Bugger. The […]

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Brassie, a little wire and a pheasant tail fibre

This one I tried last night. It is really simple. Recipe Hook: 12-16 wetfly or grubber Thread: Black Body: Thin or medium copper wire Collar: Peacock herl or any type of dubbing How I tie the fly First you tie your thread at the eye of the hook, stop at ca. 1/4 of the hook […]

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Midge, simple but effective

My wife does a bit of embroidery and I get the leftover thread when she is finished. I decided to take on the midge fly and I was amazed how easy it was. Recipe Hook: #10-16 wetfly Thread: 6/0 Matching the embroidery color Body/Head: Embroidery thread Ribs: Flat silver tinsel / Silver wire How I […]

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Buzzer, imitates the gnat at the pupa stage

The buzzer imitates the pupa stage of the gnat. The Buzzer is a really simple fly to tie and a really good fly to practise flytying on. Usually it is black with cheeks but my version has no cheeks only red/orange/black thread, thin wire and lots of head cement. Recipe Hook: 8-20 Grubber/Wetfly Thread: 6/0 […]

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Super simple fly to tie. Takes only 2 minutes and works really well where you have ants running close to the water

My next experiment is tying an ant pattern. This pattern is really simple and it only takes a few minutes to tie. Recipe Hook: 12-18 wetfly/16-20 dryfly Thread: 6/0 black Black hackle feather for feet Lead to make it heavier (optional)   How I tie the fly Start by creating the back hump of the […]

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Peacock, imitates the mayfly and is a good fly for beginners

Really popular fly in Iceland and works really well.  Almost all fishermen have this fly in their box while fishing in Iceland. I’ve seen many versions of this fly, with bead and without.  I usually tie it with a gold bead and without a bead in sizes 8 to 14.  It is sometimes made heavier with […]

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Krokurinn (The Hook)
Krokurinn (The Hook), a fly created in Iceland and is one of the best flies in my opinion

Excellent trout fly created by the Icelander Gylfi Kristjansson. Recipe Hook: Grubber 8-16 Thread: Black 8/0 Tail: 3-5 Pheasant tail fibers Tail collar: Red Crystal antron dubbing Body: Medium black vinyl rib Head: Copper bead How I tie the fly Start by putting the bead on the hook.  In closed add two layers of thread […]

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Crossfield, pretty simple but very effective streamer

My latest experiment is called Crossfield.  This fly is tied on a single hook with a tail, wing and a beard. Recipe Hook: #6 Thread: 6/0 black Tag: Round silvertinsel (I skipped this one) Tail: Golden phesant hackle Body: Embossed flat tinsel Ribbing: Round fine silver Hackle: Light blue Wing: Mallard Head: Black I usually […]

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